Villages and Rural Traffic

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Publication: Traffic in Villages - A Toolkit for Communities

Author: Dorset AONB Partnership and Ben Hamilton-Baillie

This handbook aims to summarise latest best practice and experience from rural communities attempting to engage positively with their highway authorities to tackle the impact of traffic and speed in rural areas. It extends the principles of Manual for Streets and Manual for Streets 2 to address smaller towns and villages, building a set of approaches that avoids standardised signs, lines, cameras, barriers and invasive traffic engineering. The handbook is written for parish councillors and local communities, but will be of interest to anyone concerned with traffic safety and civility for rural roads.

Free to download. c. 40 pages.

Produced by Dorset AONB Partnership and Hamilton-Baillie Associates.

Launched by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation. December 6th 2011


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