The Tower of London

The Tower of London remains one of the City's premier tourist attractions, drawing up to 18,000 daily visitors. The majority arrive via the Circle Line Station at Tower Hill. Pedestrian links to the Tower of London and its surrounding public spaces are very poor. Visitors are squeezed onto narrow pavements to reach poorly located signal-controlled crossings across dauntingly wide dual-carriageways. Air quality is poor, and there is understandable concern from UNESCO about the quality of the surroundings to the World Heritage Site.

Hamilton-Baillie Associates are advising the Historic Royal Palaces Trust on improving access to the Tower and enhancing the quality of the surroundings. The proposals for a new East-West Cycle Superhighway along Lower Thames Street parallel to the River offers an important opportunity to address a combination of issues, including congestion, noise, air pollution, legibility and access. 



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