Julian Road, Bath

This community led project is gradually restoring a sense of place to a street previously blighted by high speeds and highway clutter. Sketch proposals by H-BA aim to establish a distinctive place at the junction of Malborough Buildings at the gateway to Bath's Georgian heart. The first phase has been implemented, removing centre-line markings and much sign clutter, and creating an informal junction outside St. Andrew's Primary School. Recorded traffic speeds have reduced, and accident rates have come down.

The incomplete first phase of the scheme has now been modified, given the lack of progress in tackling the Marlborough Buildings junction

On the stretch of Julian Road recently treated there were:

1998 - 2002      9 serious accidents involving serious injuries and one fatality

2005-2009         No injury accidents recorded

Julian Road serves as an exemplar case study in Manual for Streets 2, published October 2010 (P.68)

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Julian Road and The Royal Crescent, Bath
General proposals
Julian Road - before. Lines, clutter and high speeds
Julian Road - after first phase